Cognitive Development

The preschool period is a time of rapid growth along a number of developmental measures, especially children’s thinking abilities, or cognition. Since they are now able to better explore the world, a great deal of learning during this stage is the result of their own experiences.


Cognitive development in early childhood refers to children’s thinking capacity, exploring, language acquisition. It is the development of knowledge, skills and problem solving, which help children to think about and understand the world around them.

Few techniques to Improve Cognitive Skills we follow:

  • Pretend play with others.
  • Begin to match and sort shapes, pictures, and some colours.
  • Understand that things are different shapes and sizes.
  • Become aware of the sequence of numbers, when spoken.
  • Show an increased attention span.
  • Begin to solve problems by trial and error.



All of these will improve your cognitive skills — attention, comprehension, perception, memory, reasoning, and/or processing speed.

We at little Oaks believe in multilingual culture. Our little ones get exposure to different languages and opportunities to develop receptive language, expressive language and conversation skills